Snorkelling Potato Point

Nelson Parade, Tuross Head

How to get there: Potato Point is nine kilometres east of Bodalla. Follow Potato Point Road to the end, then turn left onto Long Street, left again on to Short Street, then right back on to Long Point Street. On the left of the street you’ll find the beach reserve and a small drive to the boat ramp.

At Potato Point, snorkellers can find themselves suddenly enveloped in a school of kingfish or salmon. It’s not an area for novices, and even experienced snorkellers need to be aware of a few important tips to make exploring this diverse and exciting marine habitat a safe and rewarding experience.

On the northern side of the point facing Potato Point Beach is a concrete boat ramp which is a good entry and exit point from the water, but there is a slight rip near the boat ramp which needs to be considered. The southern side of the point is more exposed and can be dangerous.

Marine life you might encounter at Potato Point includes wobbegongs, Port Jackson sharks and stingrays. The rocky reefs and sandy gutters also contain sea squirts and sea urchins.

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